Mohawk Online Donates $50K to Mohawk Language Immersion Program

Kahnawà:ke-6 shískare Enniskó:wa/March 2017 – Kanien’kehá:ka Onkwawén:na Raotitióhkwa Language and Cultural Center (KORLCC) is pleased to inform the community that we are the recipient of two separate donations made for the creation of a second Kanien’kéha Ratiwennahní:rats Adult Immersion Program.

The first donation, which was made by a donor who wishes to remain anonymous, is based on a five-year agreement. The second donation of $50,000 over a 2-year period was made by Mohawk Online Limited. These generous donations will allow for the creation of another 2-year Ratiwennahní:rats class which will begin in September of 2017. This will be for a two-year period, ending in June of 2019, to be followed by another class from September 2019 – 2021. The new class will run staggered to the present Kanien’kéha Ratiwennahní:rats Adult Immersion Program.

The creation of a second class, and staggered program, has been deemed high priority for KORLCC for a number of years, due to the high number of applicants per application process. Approximately 50 apply each time for the coveted 15 spots in the program.

“The shareholder representatives of Mohawk Online understand the importance of preserving our language and commends the efforts made by the KORLCC to accommodate a second Adult Immersion Program ” said Dean Montour, CEO of Mohawk Online, operators of “Mohawk Online is a socioeconomic initiative designed to provide funding for our community, and this is a perfect example of the type of projects that meet our criteria. We are honored to fund a project of this importance.”

“The KORLCC staff and Board, as well as the Kanien’kéha Ratiwannahní:rats program, would like to acknowledge and thank those persons involved in the decision to make such generous donations,” said Board Chairperson Linda Delormier. “As well, the Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke and, specifically, the Liaison to the KORLCC Board Ietsenhaienhs Kahsennenhawe Sky-Deer should be commended for her work on the proposal and seeking funds that will make the dream of providing two Ratiwannahní:rats classes a reality.”

Kanien’kéha Ratiwennahní:rats began in 2002 in conjunction with McGill University, to address succession planning for the community’s Kanien’kéha teachers. Over the years the program made some adjustments, with its main goal to increase the language proficiency of its students. It has since graduated approximately 150 students, many whom have continued on in their language learning while pursuing a teaching certificate and Bachelor’s Degree in Education. Others have gone back to their employment, integrating language into the workplace, while others have pursued more personal endeavors.

Applications for the new class will be available beginning Monday, March 13th at the main office of KORLCC (old Step by Step building) and the deadline to submit applications will be Friday, March 31st, 2017 at 4:00pm. Anyone seeking information can call Lisa Phillips or Reaghan Tarbell at KORLCC at (450) 638-0880.