Mohawk Online Donation Dec 2020

Mohawk Online is pleased to announce it made a donation of $12,700 to Karihwanoron Mohawk Immersion School earlier this month. This donation was used to purchase 12 iPads and 18 Chromebooks that will help students with their studies as day-to-day education continues to evolve during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Karihwanoron is a Mohawk Language program open to all children of the community, operated and maintained by parents and Entity. Karihwanoron has 42 students, ranging from Nursey to Grade 6.

“On behalf of the Karihwanoron Mohawk immersion in Kahnawake, I would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Mohawk Online for quickly responding to our online proposal in donating 18 Chromebooks and 12 iPads to our unique program,” Administrator Joely Van Dommelen said.

“Karihwanoron has been forced to enter the world of technology during this pandemic and the need for equipment was imperative and Mohawk Online came to the rescue. Karihwanoron teaches our Language and Culture in a home-like atmosphere incorporating academics in the same manner. During this time, we have approximately 50 per cent of our children in school and the other 50 per cent are at home. The equipment is being used for both teaching and for socialization with each other – in Onkwehonweneha of course. Niawenhko:wa!”

Mohawk Online remains committed to supporting Kahnawake, investing all generated revenue to better the community as a whole.