Mohawk Online Announces Year Two Revenue Results

(Kahnawake – 6, Onerahtókha /April 2018) Mohawk Online Limited (Mohawk Online) today reported its revenue results for Year Two of operations for the period of October 1, 2016 to September 30, 2017. For this period, Mohawk Online has reported net earnings of $1.8 Million CDN.

“We are again pleased with the financial performance of Mohawk Online, as it has generated $1.8 Million CDN for the benefit of the community,” said Dean Montour, Chief Executive Officer of Mohawk Online. “Our performance continues to exceed our original financial projections, and we are pleased with the results. In the coming year, we are planning to launch a few strategic initiatives that will continue to build upon our growth and success.”
In addition to this revenue, Mohawk Online has made donations to the Splashpad Project ($100,000), Ratiwennahní:rats Immersion Program ($25,000), and the Kateri Memorial Foundation ($5,000).

“As a community-owned business initiative, I am thrilled with Mohawk Online’s accomplishments and financial results for 2016/17,” said Chief Gina Deer of the Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke. “Mohawk Online has far exceeded all expectations, and we are now starting to see tangible benefits in the community. We hope that funding of these special projects will continue in the coming years. A portion of this revenue will also be used to supplement shortfalls in the operational budget for essential services, programs, and organizations in Kahnawake, which is also very important”.

“Mohawk Online is a prime example of a successful socio-economic business initiative that benefits the entire community” said Grand Chief Joseph Tokwiro Norton. “We look forward to its continued success and will continue to politically support and protect Kahnawake’s interests in the business.”